Kevin Smith loves his MySpace friends

For those of you that are MySpace freaks and Kevin Smith fans, you’ve probably heard about the credits included on Clerks II. For those of you like me, living under a rock where MySpace doesn’t exist (King Snob Mike handles the MovieSnobs MySpace account), here’s an update: Kevin Smith, the auteur behind some of the greatest comedies of the past ten years, decided to give back to the fans. The first 10,000 people to add the Clerks II MySpace account as a friend were included in the credits of the film. It flashes by at an incredible speed, but it was a nice gesture to the dedicated fans who have supported him all these years.

Some crazy Hollywood journalist thinks otherwise. Nikki Finke seems to think that Smith’s generosity towards his fans is a slap in the face to all the people who have legitimately contributed to the production of a film. Granted, if he had listed them as Executive Producers or Key Grips (what the hell are those anyway?), maybe the movie world would have a reason to be angry. However, that’s not the case. Kevin Smith listed them after the film credits were over and included them as a testament to the fact that his fans support him and have brought him to where he is today. And the only person who is angry, is Nikki Finke. Not a single movie industry-related person has spoken up to say they were offended by Smith’s actions.

You can read all about it on Kevin’s Blog in which he makes some excellent points about the crazy things people do with movie credits. There’s a reason why the “crazy credits” link exists on every IMDB page.

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