Lindsay Lohan’s Fifteen Minutes

Wasn’t her time of being famous over years ago? Seriously.

Reports are coming in today, that she’s checked back into rehab. For what? Who knows. Cocaine. Alcohol. Being retarded.   I’m sure if we all just started ignoring her, and her antics, she’d go away on her own. Wouldn’t she?


  1. Molly on said:

    Add the Olsen twins to that list. They haven’t shown any talent since the early days of “Full House.”

  2. Katy on said:

    The Lindsays, Britneys, and Parises of the world aren’t getting their publicity for their “talent” (or lack thereof, if you ask me), that’s for sure!!! They are all train wrecks, and the public loves it when they crash and burn!!! How do you think all of these tabloids sell??!!

  3. Christine on said:

    She’s had her fifteen minutes, my fifteen minutes, your fifteen minutes, and even your mom’s fifteen minutes. It’s time to move on people. If it weren’t so time-consuming and contributory to her fame, I’d start an “Ignore Lindsay” petition.


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