MallCop 2009

I heard they were filming a movie at the mall near my dayjob’s office. So, on lunch today, we took a quick ride over to the mall to eat at the foodcourt. Lo and behold, they’re filming MallCop, listed on IMDb as “Untitled Kevin James Comedy.” Folks on the set confirmed that it was originally called “MallCop,” but that they may change it.

The movie is about security guard (played by Kevin James), who has to save the mall from burglars when they break in. Doesn’t sound very interesting, does it? It may be pretty funny, actually. It’s a Happy Madison production, which means Adam Sandler’s paying for it. You remember Adam Sandler, right? He used to be funny, ten years ago?

My co-workers and I watched them film Kevin James crashing into the back of a mini-van on a people-mover five times in a row. Cut! Reset! Extras! Background! Action! They yelled each time. Pretty interesting.

The movie’s slated for release next year, and I’ll definitely be checking it out. I would have brought my camera, but it was a spur of the moment trip. Still pretty cool. We may go back and take some photos. Remember, you heard it here first.

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