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Tobin Bell as JigsawTwo new Tobin Bell articles have come out today. One on with an interview in which Bell says he is looking forward to seeing the autopsy scene. According to Bell, it’s the first scene in the movie. He also points out that,

It’s interesting that Jigsaw gets dissected with the same kinds of metallic instruments that many of his [victims] get subjected to.

While not revealing spoilers, MTV managed to divulge a couple of interesting plot points. Jigsaw’s appearances in the movie, other than on the autopsy table, are flashes of his pre-cancer life, including time with his wife and “the anguish surrounding her pregnancy.” Bell promises in-depth revelations about the character of Jigsaw and the other three films.

The other Jigsaw article of the day comes from Broadside in which Tobin Bell says “I think four might be the best of all of them.” The rest of the article is about the working environment on the set, and the effort that goes into each film.
Saw IV will be in theaters October 26th. So will I.

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