Most Popular: August 2007

Missed your daily dose of MovieSnobs goodness? New to the site? Check out our most popular content of August 2007.

1. The Prestige Explained – An in-depth, minute-for-minute explanation of the entire movie. Warning: This contains every spoiler you could possibly want to know about the movie.

2. The Dark Knight Viral Marketing – Mike was following along with Comic-Con attendees in San Diego to follow the Joker’s scavenger hunt and get the prize at the end – our first glimpse of Heath Ledger as The Joker. Complete with step-by-step screenshots of throughout the scavenger hunt.

3. The Prestige Review – Mike’s review of the Christian Bale & Hugh Jackman magician drama.

4. Babel Review – Mike trashing the Oscar-winning film.

5. Best Movies at Schools – Christine’s list of her Top 8 favorite movies that take place at schools.

6. Tie: Hairspray Review & Disturbia Review – Katy’s glowing review of the Hairspray remake, and Christine’s review of the Shia LaBeouf thriller Disturbia.

7. Ocean’s Thirteen Review – Christine’s five-star review of Ocean’s Thirteen.

8. I Know Who Killed Me Review – Claire’s two-star review of the Lindsay Lohan flop.

9. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Review – Christine’s review of the fifth, and darkest, Harry Potter movie.

10. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry Review – Christine’s review of the semi-controversial Adam Sandler flick about a fake gay marriage.

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