Most Popular: November 2007

November seemed to be a slow month for movies. The horror movie frenzy was over, but the holiday season movie extravaganza hadn’t yet started. Unfortunately this means November’s most popular posts are almost the same as October’s most popular posts.

  1. Optimus Prime Phone Call – Still the #1 most popular post on MovieSnobs, even though the promotion has ended on the Transformers site. They removed the ability to send a phone call, but you can still send a recorded, semi-personalized message from Optimus Prime to your friend via email.
  2. New Hitman Poster and ImagesHitman is an action movie based on the popular video game. The posters were pretty badass.
  3. The Prestige Explained – Last month this was in the #4 spot, so it’s a surprise that four months after posting it, it’s still one of our most popular posts. Mike explains every last detail of The Prestige with the help of multiple viewings and the copy of the screenplay we bought on Amazon.
  4. The Dark Knight Viral Marketing – Our post about the San Diego scavenger hunt launched by the site is still insanely popular thanks to the incessant marketing efforts of The Dark Knight promotions people. At last count, they had at least six viral websites. The movie is still eight months away.
  5. – New Movie? – When we saw the mysterious ad for the new show The Sarah Connor Chronicles, we mistakenly thought it was an ad for a new movie. Apparently everyone else was confused about what it was too, because they all came looking for it.
  6. Lars and the Real Girl Poster – Ryan Gosling has captured the hearts of the movie-going audience, and the poster for his latest film Lars and the Real Girl brought people to our site in droves.
  7. Movie Theme Songs – The YouTube video of a guy playing various movie themes on piano is still one of our top posts after three months.
  8. TakeBackTheFuture Site Changed – When the previously mentioned site changed to show a videotape with the name of the doctor from Terminator 2 we realized how silly we were to think this was going to be a new Terminator movie…until we found out Christian Bale is going to play John Connor in…a new Terminator movie.
  9. Updated – The Dark Knight Viral Marketing Continues – We’ve been closely following the viral marketing for The Dark Knight, so when the Joker left a new message on shortly before Thanksgiving, we were sure to capture it.
  10. Babel Review – Mike’s scathing review of the Oscar-winning Babel is still in our top ten over a year after it was written.

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