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Despite the numerous posts about Saw IV, October turned out to be the month of The Dark Knight here at MovieSnobs. Four of the top posts from October were Dark Knight-related. Three posts from last month’s most popular posts made it back into the top ten this month. Here are the top ten MovieSnobs post from September.

  1. Optimus Prime Phone Call – We wrote about the promotion running on the Official Transformers Website where you could send an Optimus Prime phone call to a friend. Unfortunately, as our readers have learned, the movie company has removed the phone call from the site.
  2. – New Movie? – We had seen a strange commercial during an episode of Prison Break and thought it might be for a new movie. Our readers informed us that it was an ad for The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a new TV show based on the Terminator movies.
  3. The Dark Knight Viral Marketing – Our #6 from last month is our #3 this month – due to a crazy new viral marketing campaign on for Halloween. This post, however, was about the Joker’s Scavenger Hunt surrounding the Comic-Con in San Diego way back in July.
  4. The Prestige Explained – Mike’s post was our #1 last month and the month before. It drops to #4 this month, but is still one of our longest and most commented on posts. If you’ve seen The Prestige and want answers to the mystery, Mike reveals them all.
  5. Candle Really Burning – The first hint that the WhySoSerious pumpkin promotion was indeed counting down to a Halloween treat from The Joker.
  6. Saw IV Creepy TV Commercial – There was buzz around the internet about the super-creepy Saw IV commercials airing in short bursts. Through the wonder of Tivo, we were able to upload the video to YouTube and prove that it wasn’t our imaginations – Billy really was in our TV.
  7. WhySoSerious Pumpkin Is Rotting – Continuing the theme of The Dark Knight and Halloween, another top post from October was about the pumpkin beginning to rot like a real pumpkin would. Eventually people began to notice that the pumpkin was only rotting on one side, insinuating that Two-Face was involved. So far, however, we haven’t seen evidence of Two-Face in the current WhySoSerious challenge.
  8. Movie Theme Songs – A top post last month, Movie Theme Songs is a YouTube video of a guy playing various movie themes on keyboards. He plays everything from Home Alone to The Godfather.
  9. Spike TV’s Scream 2007 Awards – The Spike TV Scream Awards honor the best in horror, sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, and more. This year’s winners include Kate Beckinsale for Scream Queen and Hayden Panettiere for Breakout Performance.

Those are the top ten MovieSnobs posts for October 2007. Sign up for our RSS feed to stay up-to-date on the latest movie news and reviews.

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