Most Popular: September 2007

Missed your daily dose of MovieSnobs goodness? New to the site? Check out our most popular content of August 2007.

1. The Prestige Explained – For the second month in a row Mike’s minute-by-minute explanation of the movie The Prestige is our most popular post. If you’ve seen the movie and have questions, check out Mike’s very spoiler heavy explanation here.

2. Emmy Winners 2007 – Christine was live-blogging the Emmy winners as it happened.

3. The Prestige Review – Our five-star review of the Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman magician rivalry flick.

4. Movie Theme Songs – A YouTube video of 10 minutes’ worth of movie theme songs played on piano. Includes everything from Home Alone to The Godfather.

5. Babel Review – Our half star review of the multi-Oscar-nominated film. Not many movies entice this much hatred from Mike, but this was a movie we wished we had walked out of twenty minutes in.

6. The Dark Knight Viral Marketing – Mike live-blogged along with Comic-Con attendees while they ran around San Diego completing The Joker’s scavenger hunt. Complete with screenshots of every step and the first image of The Joker that was the prize at the end.

7. Across The Universe Review – Katy’s four-star review of the Beatles’ music-infused movie starring Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess, and British transvestite comedian Eddie Izzard.

8. The Bourne Ultimatum Review – Mike’s review of the third (and final?) Bourne movie. Much like the first two, the focus of this film was car chases, hand-to-hand combat, and Matt Damon kicking ass.

9. Resident Evil: Extinction Premiere Pictures – A stunning image of the 100 Alice clones in front of the Bellagio in Vegas at the premiere of the latest Resident Evil movie, plus links to more pictures from the premiere, including pictures of a very pregnant Milla Jovovich.

10. Rob Zombie’s Halloween Review – Christine doesn’t hate many movies, but she was sorely disappointed with Rob Zombie’s remake or “re-envisioning” of the classic John Carpenter film Halloween.

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