Movie Tunes: Mortal Kombat (Part 2 of 3)

Hey, all! I’m back again, with another review of the unbelievable Mortal Kombat soundtracks! Check it out!

After the first soundtrack did extremely well, the powers that be decided to release this companion CD! This technically wasn’t an “official” soundtrack, but since it featured more great bands and tracks that totally fit with the flick, it deserves to be included! While it’s got some weaker tracks, in all, it absolutely rocks in my book!

That’s right! More metal. More electronic dance. More industrial. It’s time to hear about Mortal Kombat: More Kombat. So, let’s get right to it, kids!

We come right out of the gate with another film-inspired track, “It Has Begun” courtesy of Psykosonik. Great techno, with more sound bites from the film. Right after that it’s Alien Factory’s “Higher”. This starts to give you higher amounts of energy, let me tell you!

Sepultura’s “Chaos B.C” is the one track that stands out like no other! Combining Brazilian-inspired drums, hard ass guitar lacks, and growling, grating singing, you can’t help but play this nice and loud! Track #4 is just as powerful! Killing Joke’s “Drug” has got that great industrial dance vibe, and gets me totally pumped up every time!

At that point, I skip over to #6, Sister Machine Gun’s “Deeper Down”. It’s another metal song that’s very melodic! Now, it’s off to #7, “Firething” by Gudrun Gut. Again, techno, but a tiny bit mellow. It brings you down for a little bit, but again, it doesn’t last very long! “Fatality” by Loaded brings in some more inspiration from the games and film, and makes it danceable!

This is when the tracks get kind of iffy for me, so I move around a bit more, until my dial lands on the 11th track, “Exiled” by Chemlab. Again, great industrial and metal track with plenty of scratches, but my absolute favorite is right around the corner! “Oxyacetylene” by Cubanate is one of those tracks that you can play over and over again, and you don’t get sick of it! At least, I don’t… Excellent programming and guitar! Comparing someone’s beauty with the chemicals in a blowtorch? Unreal! It’s just loaded with so many goodies, I could write about it all day!

After this point, the rest of the CD is definitely not as strong or forceful, but take a listen anyway. You may like it!

Tracks You Can’t Miss:

Track #3 : “Chaos B.C.” by Sepultura.
Track # 4: “Drug” by Killing Joke.
Track #11: “Exiled” by Chemlab
Track # 12: “Oxyacetylene” by Cubanate

Stay tuned for my review of the soundtrack for the second MK film, and the final in this series!

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