Movie Tunes: Resident Evil

This week’s Movie Tunes takes a listen to the soundtrack to the first Resident Evil movie.

The CD starts with the super-creepy little English girl-robot voice saying, “You’re all going to die down here,” which properly sets the mood. Most of the tracks on the disc are in some sort of remixed form, which seems to be a thing with soundtracks for movies based on video games.

“My Plague” by Slipknot is a great kickoff track for the disc – driving guitar riffs and pounding drums. It’s an awesome tune that could easily make someone a Slipknot fan. Track 3 comes from Marilyn Manson and is ok. It has great music at a few points in the song, but is overall an easily forgettable track.

Coal Chamber’s “Something Told Me” is a great angry track, if you don’t mind the gravelly vocals (which I don’t). Skip over track 5 to get to Adema’s “Everyone.” Adema is a great band, although often overlooked. They’re great live, and they deliver on this track. While not a standout track, Fear Factory’s “Invisible Wounds” rocks hard. It gives way to “Anything But This” by Static-X which is what my Dad called “that scary music you listen to.” Hard rocking guitars, screaming vocals, and ear-splitting drums. In other words, awesome.

I’m not a Rammstein fan, never have been, so I recommend skipping track 9. While you’re at it, skip the lame Depeche Mode track too. The Ill Niño track “What Comes Around” is my second favorite track on the disc (second only to the creepy little English girl on the first track). It has great vocals, a powerful rhythm, and melodic guitars, which is hard to find in a heavy rock song.

Mudvayne’s “Dig” is a good rock remix – lots of bass guitar and weird effects. Skip track 13. It sounds more like the alarms that would go off in The Hive if you entered the wrong door or something. Not so pleasant to listen to. Saliva’s “800°” starts off really, really strangely, but is actually a decent track. Kind of nondescript and unremarkable, but a decent track nonetheless.

“The Infinity” by Five Pointe O (who I’ve never heard of, incidentally) is a really great track. A fine example of how to utilize a double bass pedal. Combine that with screaming vocals, wailing guitars, and a slow, but steady beat and you have a memorable ending track. Complete with Guns N Roses/Faith No More style piano near the end.

The main soundtrack ends with the “Umbrella Corporation” speech from the beginning of the film. Then it goes into the original score written for the film by none other than Marilyn Manson. The “Resident Evil Main Title Theme,” “Seizure of Power,” and two other tracks finish out the album with a distinctively eerie sound.

Tracks you can’t miss:

  • Track 2 – Slipknot – My Plague
  • Track 6 – Adema – Everyone
  • Track 11 – Ill Nino – What Comes Around
  • Track 17 – Marilyn Manson’s score – Resident Evil Main Title Theme

Check out next week’s Movie Tunes for the review of the Resident Evil: Apocalypse soundtrack.

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