Movie Tunes: Trainspotting (Part 2 of 2)

This week’s Movie Tunes is the second of a two part series on the Trainspotting soundtracks. Be sure to check out Trainspotting Part I.

Trainspotting‘s second soundtrack, aptly titled Trainspotting #2, features songs that were not included in the first lot, as well as some others that flow quite nicely with the style of the film. Check out this batch of goodies!

As if I couldn’t get enough of Ewan McGregor in this film, his definitive speech has been set to techno music. Officially credited to PF Project, “Choose Life” uses both the entire monologue as well as snippets. The second track is another Iggy Pop gem entitled “The Passenger.” While it’s not as “in-your-face” as “Lust for Life,” it has a great melody and some clever lyrics.

You will definitely recognize the third track, which happens to be my favorite. Underworld’s “Dark and Long (Dark Train Mix)” is the background to the very disturbing withdrawal scene, complete with those crazy hallucinations of Spud in shackles, a now-addicted Tommy, and that poor little deceased baby. Yes, in fact, this scene is both dark and long. After that comes a little bit of familiarity for all you classical buffs, “Habanera” from the Georges Bizet opera, Carmen.

Click over to Track #6! According to the liner notes in the CD’s packaging, David Bowie’s “Golden Years” was supposed to be what Diane sings to Renton during the aforementioned withdrawal scene. You’ll remember that they ended up using New Order instead.

Up next is the upbeat dance track, “Think About the Way” by Ice MC, which showcases Renton’s attempt at a fresh start in London. The scene features all of those great spots that epitomize London and its sophistication.

The notion of temptation is a running theme throughout the film: the temptation to change one’s direction in life, temptation to part from one’s social group, and, of course, the temptation of dabbling in addictive behavior. Heaven 17’s “Temptation” is another great New Wave song that is perfect for the late 1990s vibe.

The rest of the soundtrack includes some extended mixes and remixes of songs that were already featured in the first soundtrack, along with additional covers and more wonderful Brit Pop.

Again, considering that the majority of the tracks that most of us identify with the film appear on the first CD, this is still one to add to your collection as well!

Tracks You Can’t Miss:

  • Track 3 – Dark and Long (Dark Train Mix) – Underworld – Listen
  • Track 6 – Golden Years – David Bowie – Listen
  • Track 7 – Think About the Way – Ice MC – Listen
  • Track 8 – Temptation – Heaven 17 – Listen

Come back next week for another great movie soundtrack review with Movie Tunes.

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