Movie Violence – Yay for Violence!

I openly admit it – I like violent movies. We all know the Saw series is one of my favorites, and is known for showing grisly, graphic torture scenes. I enjoy watching Jason Statham punch people in the face. I prefer Reservoir Dogs to Pulp Fiction because it has more violence. Zombie attacks, big fiery explosions, giant robot/monster/dragon battles, bad-guy shootouts – I love them all! (About the only form of movie violence I don’t like is kung fu – too clean and choreographed-looking.)

This is why I was so excited to read an article on Rama’s Screen titled How Important Is Movie Violence?. He makes some excellent points about the artistic and necessary usage of violence in film. After all, what would Saving Private Ryan be without the first ten bloody minutes?

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  1. Rama’s SCREEN » Rama’s SCREEN exposed! on said:

    […] Rama’s SCREEN also received a compliment from moviesnobs for the same article. You can read the response by clicking on the link:YAY FOR VIOLENCE […]


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