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A couple of the MovieSnobs went on a roadtrip this weekend to Connecticut. We got in some gambling time at Foxwoods Casino (which looks like the Emerald City from The Wizard of Oz), and then went to church (for a friend’s baby’s Christening) where we watched a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Seriously…the preacher was talking about the importance of choosing wisely. Sadly, the only clip I could find of the scene is in German, but you can find it below anyway. The church did some clever editing so the entire part where the guy disintegrates was shortened to just him looking at his hand, and then him as dust on the floor (Good idea too, as the entire sequence probably wouldn’t have been appropriate to show at a Baptism).
Another stop on our trip was Mystic Pizza II in North Stonington, CT. The original Mystic Pizza restaurant was the filming location and set for the 1988 Julia Roberts flick Mystic Pizza and this one opened when the influx of new customers came flooding in after the movie hit theaters. I’ve never seen the movie, but they do have some awesome pizza. Two slices made my day. If you’re ever in North Stonington (or at Foxwoods), definitely take a trip over there. They have pictures from the movie hanging on the wall, and a signed copy of the Mystic Pizza poster.

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