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Hey everyone,  over the last 48 hours, we’ve spent a good portion of that time working on releasing some improvements to the site that I’ve put together over the last two weeks.

Some new (and improved) features that you’ll want to look for:

  • Registration is now open – we’ve opened up registration to anyone who wants to register.  We’ll be doing random give-aways for our top commenters, so be sure to signup and login, to keep track of your comments.
  • Facebook Connect – Have a Facebook profile, but don’t want to sign up here? You don’t have to, just click the “Connect” button in the login box on the right, and we’ll do the registration part for you, automatically.  Anytime you visit the site, logged into Facebook, you’ll be logged in here, like magic.
  • Publish comment/story to Facebook – When you comment on a post, and you’re “connected” to Facebook, you can share the story right on Facebook, with one simple click.
  • Review pages have moved – we moved all of our reviews into a new format. No more trying to remember the URL (, now they’re simple.  ie;
  • Same goes for cast members – all cast member pages are simple now, too. No more cast.php?actorid= nonsense.  Just  Simple!
  • Reviews and cast pages now can be commented on – We decided to open up the reviews and cast member pages to be commented on.  Over the last four years, we’ve gotten a lot of e-mail from people who wanted to be able to discuss a review we’ve put up.  Now, you can.
  • Reviews and Cast are now in our RSS feed.  For years we didn’t have the technology to put the reviews or cast into the RSS feed.  No more!
  • Archives streamlined – no more useless sorting by who wrote it, or how many stars we gave it. Now the archives are simple: news items, reviews, and cast members. All on one page.
  • Search improved – Frustrated you couldn’t find what you were looking for?  The search results are now smarter, and give you results based on relevance. (I’m still tweaking this, so if it’s not perfect, don’t hate me.)

Not bad for a weekend’s worth of work.  We spent hours last night redirecting all the old URLs to the new ones, so if something doesn’t work, please comment on this post, so we’ll know about it, and fix it.

Thanks to everyone who continues to visit our site.  Without your eyeballs reading this site, we’d have no reason to continue doing it.

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