New Review: American Psycho

This 2000 Christian Bale flick was the next movie in Mike’s quest to see and review every Christian Bale movie. Here’s what Mike had to say:

The movie’s not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure…Christian Bale is amazingly horrifying in his role…There’s a bunch of other people in the movie, but they’re all fairly small parts, and are unimportant. The majority of why you’d want to see this movie, is all Christian Bale.

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  1. John Mason on said:

    Christian Bale had the perfect role in The American Psycho. I have never read the book but I must say there is NO other actor that can look and act as psychotic as Bale in this movie. Yes I understand the readers were looking for originality to the movie but this movie itself was great. It was a character-driven movie.

  2. Marina on said:

    And true, the book is a good read but Ellis’ style can get annoying 200 pages in. How many times can I read about what a suit looks like? What colour are the pinstripes, the tie, the shoes, the socks….

    I can appreciate what Ellis is doing too but I think this story was *made* for the screen and director Mary Harron did a fantastic job.

  3. Christine on said:

    Look at it from a performance point of view. The man has played both Batman and Jesus. I think being able to also play a lunatic serial killer – white sneakers, chainsaw, and all – is pretty impressive.

    Plus, while Mike didn’t comment on it much, I appreciated the attack on the 80s business lifestyle – it was all drinks with so-and-so and who bought the latest Hall & Oates CD, etc, etc. Despite all the disturbing imagery, it’s an interesting film, and an excellent performance by Christian Bale.

  4. Katy on said:

    Sorry, but I have to disagree. I hated this movie! It was awful. Read the book!!! 5 million times better!

    What scene comes to mind as the worst? If the reaction you and a friend have to some scared naked blonde girl running down the hallway, chased by a chainsaw-wielding, blood-soaked, naked (with the exception of a pair of white sneakers) Christian Bale is hysterical laughter, it’s not a good sign. He just looked absurd and ridiculous. I was not impressed by it at all.

  5. Marina on said:

    Excellent review and I *love* this film. Easily one of my favourites. I paticularly like the business card scene…


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