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Christine reviewed the Oscar and Golden Globe-nominated Juno, the tale of a 16-year-old pregnant girl. She says,

After hearing so much about Juno, I had expected to hate it, or at the least be unamused. I was pleasantly surprised when I actually really liked the movie.

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  1. Caroline on said:

    This movie was great. When it first started, I thought that it might be a little too hipster-ish for me, but it really came together and was very funny and had heart. I really liked Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner’s relationship. I thought it was realistic that he seemed like such a cool, laid-back guy and turned out to be a jerk in a subtle way, while uptight Garner was ultimately who Juno connected with.

    A lot of people said they were skeeved by the scene between Juno and Jason Bateman … I was totally cringing like, “ACK! Don’t go there!” And was relieved that they did not. I don’t think either one of them intended for anything to happen, really.

    I was sort of regretful that Bateman and Cera did not share a scene since they played father and son on Arrested Development.


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