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What a weekend. It seemed like Grindhouse was never going to open, and finally it arrived.   Did it live up to the hype?   Katy  seemed to think so, saying:

Naturally each movie was meant to be a stand alone feature, hence the three hour plus running time. However the crossovers of actors and characters really tied the two together. True to form, each film combined many different genres and storylines, but they were interwoven so intricately, you were definitely not confused! Personally, I was partial to “Death Proof” out of the two, but that’s just me. As always, they delivered the goods! No complaints from this reviewer! Nothing but compliments!

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Did Claire enjoy The Reaping?

It’s full of plot holes, has tedious dialogue, and wastes Hilary Swank’s ability. Maybe she was feeling lazy, maybe she didn’t read the script the whole way through before accepting the part.

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What did Katy think of the much-raved about The Hoax? Did she enjoy it?

I was actually pleasantly surprised by this film. I was expecting a really long, drawn out storyline focusing on the case, but this discussed quite a bit on Clifford’s warped sense of thinking. Whenever he wasn’t gathering information to fabricate notes and audio recordings of his “sessions” with Hughes, he was manipulating Edith and Suskind, and the system in general.

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