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We have three Snobs reviews this week – Knocked Up, Shrek the Third, and Lucky You.

 Here’s what Katy had to say about Knocked Up:

If this kind of stuff is your cup of tea, you’ll enjoy it. Personally, I thought that it was a cute movie. Not great, but cute. That isn’t enough to send me back to the theatres to see it a second time, though.

And here’s what she had to say about Lucky You:

This movie ran forever! The action did not keep my attention whatsoever. The dialogue was flat and there was a total lack of chemistry between the two leads. Seriously, it was that bad! Total waste of money!

Here’s what Mike thought of Shrek the Third:

Overall, this is a fun flick to bring the kids to on a rainy day. It doesn’t live up to the first movie, by may be slightly better than the second, which I’ve only seen one time. If your kids like the giant green ogre, than this movie might be worth a Saturday afternoon showing.

Read their full reviews here:

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  • Read the Shrek the Third Review
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