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Despite the fact that all their images are broken, this list of Ten Most Obnoxiously Overquoted Movies is interesting. I have younger brothers who quote Will Ferrell movies like it’s a complete language, so I know the pains of listening to movie quotes. However, I love movie quotes – from movies I like. This seems to be the general sentiment in the comments on that list – people arguing that they love the quotes from movie number 2, but hate quotes from some other movie. My favorite comment is from someone named Dave:

Are you f***ing kidding me, Napolean Dynamite isn’t first?!?! I would rather drink bleach then hear people quote that movie anymore.

I happen to agree. On the other hand, some people suggested The Princess Bride should be on the list (“Inconceivable!”) – which is one I absolutely don’t agree with. I love the quotes from that movie.

What about you? What movie quotes annoy you? Which ones do you love?

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  1. Katy on said:

    You know what? I agree with ONLY ONE of their choices. It’s a matter of overload. If I hear anyone spout out more Austin Powers , I will scream. Can you say oversaturation? As far as the rest, the quotes make the movie memorable. That’s it!


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