On DVD This Week – 06/15/2010

This week’s new DVD releases include an action, a romantic comedy, a Michael Cera flick, and a movie I’ve never heard of. You should be able to find something that meets your needs, if not, you need new needs.

Book of EliBlu-ray

When In RomeBlu-ray

Youth In RevoltBlu-ray


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  1. Paul Vana on said:

    I wanted to watch a movie that took no cranial action this evening. Just watch a stupid action flick that I could watch and not have to think. I went to Red Box and scanned until I found a movie called Doomsday 2012. Hmmm, I said to myself. This looks like what I’m wanting this evening. Wow, what a surprise! The religious undertone, check that; the religious overtone was amazing. It was such a poor effort at converting people to Jesus that I had trouble letting my mind free to be entertained by pointless violence and action. So much so I felt compelled to put my feelings in words. This is where it got shitty. I put the title in Google, clicked on the first result which was IMDb. Mind you, I have never been compelled to comment on a movie before, and when I attempted to comment on IMDb, it would not let me out. It did not let me comment. It required me to join at $15 a month. I did not join. It had an option to opt out. I chose that option but it did not recognize my account. I thought, cool. It wouldn’t let me out without giving my credit card. I chose the option to opt out again. Same result. I filled out part of the credit card information with some expletives and shut down the email. The movie I do not suggest you take your time to see and I truly hope no one clicks on IMDb. They suck the cold wazoo,


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