One Red Paperclip

One red paperclip = one house. At least, that’s what Kyle MacDonald had planned. The young optimist set out to trade up from one red paperclip until he got a house. Starting out trading small and building up to trading an afternoon with Alice Cooper (yes, THE Alice Cooper) for a rare KISS snowglobe, Kyle eventually got his house after a year and fourteen trades. He also got tons of media coverage and millions of hits to his blog,

What does this have to do with movies? Well, Dreamworks has purchased the rights to his story. According to, “The studio has not yet decided whether they will produce a reality television show, a serialized comedy or a movie based on MacDonald’s story.” I personally am hoping for a movie version featuring Alice Cooper and ending at 503 Main Street in Kipling, Saskatchewan where Kyle now lives in his house that cost him only one red paperclip.

I think the movie would be an inspiring story. After all, Kyle has started a message board site where people can trade their own red paperclips, non-red paperclips, things that fit in envelopes and anything else they’re up for trading. It’s amazing the effect this has had on people. I myself saw a red paperclip in a grocery store parking lot and picked it up to carry in my wallet. Maybe it’s a reminder to be ambitious, or maybe I just thought it was funny. Either way, Kyle’s story in movie form will be compelling and entertaining.

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