Optimus Prime Phone Call

UPDATE: The Optimus Prime phone call promotion has been removed from the site.

Wanna freak out your friends? Have Optimus Prime call them. Check out Enter in some info about your friend, your phone number, their phone number, and seconds later Optimus gives your friend a call.

It may be an obvious promotion for the Transformers DVD (he tells you to pick it up on October 16th), but Optimus Prime says your friend’s name. How awesome is that?

via Superhero Hype


  1. Mindy on said:

    They need to put it back up, It took forever to find the site and when I did I was dissapointed to find you can only send it by e-mail.

  2. alex on said:

    f*** i spent like half an our searching for it. why the hell would they take it down…

  3. Christine on said:

    It appears that they have taken the Optimus Prime phone call option off the site. It used to be on the left side similar to how the “Suit Yourself” button is positioned on the right.

    Anyone know why they took it down? I can only assume it was costing them more in bandwidth than they thought it was worth.

  4. Lauren on said:

    i have looked for this on the site and can not find it for the life of me if someone could help me locate it that would be great thank you!!!


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