Pathology Trailer

Last month the poster for Pathology was released. Now you can check out the trailer for the thriller below. Milo Ventimiglia (of “Heroes” fame) stars as a medical intern thrown into the middle of a deadly game. His fellow pathology students compete to kill people to see who’s the best as diagnosing cause of death. It sounds very “CSI” meets Saw.

The movie looks interesting, if not awesome. At least it gives Milo some big-screen time which he so very much deserves.

Pathology is set for a November 30th release date.


  1. Christine on said:

    I never got around to seeing Crank (which is a shame, because I love Jason Statham), but I’m not too excited about this movie either. I’m just glad Peter Petrelli is able to get movie roles.

  2. Marina on said:


    I thought this looked pretty lame. Frankly, I’m disappointed in the Crank guys. I was expecting more from them.


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