Review of Alternate Version of I Am Legend
I Am Legend Alternate Ending

After having seen I Am Legend at the premiere in New York City, I was thoroughly satisfied with the film. It had an elegant ending that left viewers with an explanation, if even a typical Hollywood one.

When the DVD release announcement was made, with the news that an alternate ending would be included, I was anxious to see the “controversial” ending. I had heard that the movie’s original ending was extremely different from the original Richard Matheson novel, so I picked up the book.

For those that don’t know the ending of the Matheson novel, and don’t mind me spoiling it, Show Spoilers

The ending of the book intrigued me, mainly because I think Will Smith would have done a fantastic job with it. This isn’t the ending that the filmmakers made as the alternate ending, but it has similar themes.

The alternate ending is detailed below, behind spoiler hiders. Read on if you have seen the alternate ending, or don’t mind heavy spoilers.

Show Spoilers

What did you think of the alternate ending of I Am Legend? Did you prefer it over the original ending?


  1. bob on said:

    i like way better the origanal made the whole movie suck but this would’ve rock

  2. Christine on said:

    From the tone of your comment, I’m guessing you weren’t too thrilled with the original ending either?

  3. Marina on said:

    Rather surprisingly, I hated the “alternate” ending even more than the one used in the movie.


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