16 Blocks
Review written on: May 28th, 2006

16 Blocks Review

Generally, I’m a Bruce Willis fan, well except for that whole Hostage situation. The Die Hard series, Lucky Number Slevin, Sin City, Unbreakable, his role on Friends, The Sixth Sense, The Fifth Element, the list goes on. All, great movies. However, there was just something about 16 Blocks that I didn’t like. Was it Willis? No, I don’t think so. Was it Mos Def? No, I don’t think it was him. Aha! I know what is was.

The movie, the script, the cinematography, and the storyline were all extremely weak. Not in a Hulk Hogan versus Steve Urkel sort of weak, but in a “I sorta have an idea for a movie, but I could use another year to write it out, aw hell, let’s just do it now anyway” sorta way. It felt almost like the entire concept could have been written on a cocktail napkin one night over drinks. Maybe a dinner napkin, who knows.

I wanted to like the movie, because as I said, I like Bruce Willis, I also liked Mos Def in The Italian Job, but something just made me not like this movie. Though the entire cast did well in their roles, I still felt like the movie could have been better, a lot better at that. A weak story about a criminal trying to “do the right thing” and put away bad cops for doing wrong things, would generally be a decent story line. Add in that these cops are trying to kill said criminal before he gets to court to testify. The courthouse is 16 blocks away from the holding cell he’s in, enter the not-so-tough-to-think-of title, 16 Blocks. Enter Willis, who plays the “I’m just about to retire” in a Roger Murtaugh Lethal Weapon sorta way, trying to also “do the right thing”, and get Eddie (Mos Def) across town to the courthouse, to testify.

Sounds like a decent story, and it could have been, but it wasn’t. Very poorly developed from concept to storyline to film. Like I said, I really wanted to like this movie, and wish I could have liked it more.

The ending would have been better if Willis had, in fact, ended up getting killed. Yes, I’m a fan of any movie where the “hero” dies at the end, call me anti-Hollywood.

Overall, I’d say this one’s a skipper, not even worth the Netflix. Unless, however, you’re one of those people who has to see every movie that your favorite actor is in. And if Bruce Willis is your favorite actor, then see it. But don’t email me and tell me I was right, when you’re bored half way through this flick.


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