28 Weeks Later
Review written on: September 2nd, 2007

28 Weeks Later Review

I am a die-hard fan of 28 Days Later. I first saw the movie in a Manhattan movie theater where Stephen King had bought out all the tickets for a showing and was handing out tickets on the street. Therefore I’ve always had a special place in my heart for the zombie flick. I was excited to know they were making a sequel, but disappointed when none of the original cast was included (especially Cillian Murphy). I wasn’t sure they could pull off a completely separate storyline, but somehow it worked.

The plot for 28 Weeks Later picks up, as you would expect, 28 weeks after the virus broke out. The military has been brought in. Doctors are working to ensure no one that is infected is allowed into England. There are massive quarantines similar to how I imagined Ellis Island appeared in the days when our great-grandparents came through there. A young doctor (Rose Byrne) meets two kids who leave the safe zone to try to find their mother. In the process, they inadvertently allow the virus into the containment area. All hell breaks loose.

The movie was excellent as far as sequels go. While it can’t stand on its own (there’s no explanation of how the virus started), it’s an excellent addition to the story. It had the same feel as the original – the infected were presented the same way, had the same mannerisms and actions, and the gore and violence was on the same level. The same composer was used, which means the excellent score from the first movie carries over into this one.

Casting was great. Rose Byrne is an actress I’m not familiar with, although she’s excellent in this and in Sunshine. Robert Carlyle and Imogen Poots are decent. Mackintosh Muggleton is excellent as Andy Harris, the youngest person in the country and possibly the most badass. (And as far as I know, that is his real name.) Jeremy Renner is great as a SWAT team member who has a conscience.

Overall a decent movie. Worth the time, worth the money. It won’t ruin your feelings about the original, and it adds enough to the story to be worthwhile. Here’s to the making of a third one – 28 Months Later. I need a good horror series other than Saw to keep me busy.


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