Review written on: August 22nd, 2006

Accepted Review

Aside from the ever-funny Lewis Black, the star of this movie is definitely the supporting cast. Adam Herschman, Jonah Hill, and Columbus Short make this movie twenty times funnier than it is. The script itself is very funny, but the delivery from these actors make them all the better.

I love comedies, that’s no secret. I love laughing uncontrollably in a theater, to the point of looking like a jackass. Accepted definitely had those moments. The plot of the movie itself isn’t exactly Oscar nominee worthy, but who cares? Comedies are supposed to be funny, and Accepted is.

Stars Justin Long, Blake Lively, and Lewis Black play their roles hysterically. (Especially Lewis Black who plays himself to the very last minute of the movie.) I’ve had high hopes for this flick since I saw the trailer way back when, and it came through on all fronts.

It had depth, emotion, an underlying “point”, and a lesson to be learned by all. Given, that lesson is taught by committing a federal crime (pretending to be a legit college, and defrauding people out of tuition money), but still, a lesson is learned nevertheless.

The cast of endless “extras”, all who have their own character flaws and personalities, make the movie what it is. From the guy who “just wants to rock and roll” to skateboarders, to the guys who watch the girls in bikinis because it’s “what we want to do”, they’re all great.

Accepted is the type of movie that you go into expecting to just laugh, and not take anything away from, except a good time. It delivers that, and more. I am definitely glad I checked out the flick, as it was well worth the price of admission. If you liked Waiting…, Mallrats or Grandma’s Boy, this movie is definitely your type of comedy. You’ll laugh, you’ll have a good time, and you’ll be happy at the end, when everything works out for the best.


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