American Psycho
Review written on: September 9th, 2007

American Psycho Review

Everyone at the office had been questioning my movie judgement since I mentioned I hadn’t see American Psycho. So, to save face, and what little credibility I’ve got, Christine and I plunked down to watch American Psycho.

The movie’s not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. While I can surely say that Christian Bale is amazingly horrifying in his role, I can’t say much for the movie itself. It’s surely a poking jest of corporate America, and it does its part quite well. There’s not much of a story to the movie, other than what’s necessary to explain who Bale’s character is, and why he’s doing what he’s doing.

Bale plays Patrick Bateman, a New York investment banker, who secretly leads a double life. His other half is a serial killer, who likes to kill people in his apartment. We don’t really find out why he’s a serial killer, but it doesn’t matter much. Watching Bale portray a completely derranged killer is a joy. He embraces the role in every way, so much so that you almost think he’s seriously derranged in reality. His complete enthusiasm for the role is eerie.

Bateman enjoys killing not only for fun, but for furthering of his career. By killing off Paul Allen (Jared Leto), he opens up a VP position, in the company, which he hopes to get. Bateman’s murder of Allen is priceless. Allen thinks Bateman is someone else, and talks badly about Bateman. So, Bateman invites Allen back to his place, for another round of drinks, where he chops him up with an axe. Allen is so drunk, he doesn’t notice that he’s sitting on a plastic tarp, and that everything’s covered with newspaper. Bateman disappears for a moment, while he puts on a plastic raincoat, and gets his axe. He comes back, and begins chopping away at the competition, quite literally.

We progress through the movie a bit more, Bateman kills quite a few more people. We follow him over the few weeks, as he begins to go more and more mad, in a quite beautiful performance. Bale throws everything he’s got into this digression of Bateman, and does so quite convincingly.

Show Spoilers

There’s a bunch of other people in the movie, but they’re all fairly small parts, and are unimportant. The majority of why you’d want to see this movie, is all Christian Bale.


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