Review written on: January 29th, 2006

Annapolis Review

This movie had some many elements that I generally don’t like, that I knew of, going into it. Boxing, military overtones, and James Franco. However, as Annapolis progressed, I liked it more and more. Though I felt misleaded from the previews and trailers I’d seen, I still enjoyed the movie.

From the trailers I’d seen, this movie seemed to be 100% about the Naval Academy, Annapolis. Which, primarily, it was. However, halfway through the movie, it turned into Cinderella Man meets Rocky. And was all about the “Brigades” boxing matches that the Naval Academy holds each year. That’s fine and dandy, but some forwarning would have been nice.

While I’m not sure how much of this movie is “true to life”, I can say that I, in no way, ever want to do anything that these guys do. Whether this is de-glorified for the movies, or if the stuff they go through is real, that’s not my cup of tea. Their lives are hard, the crap they endure is insane, and all because they volunteer to fight for our country. God bless them, but don’t call on me.

Though this movie is about the Naval Academy, and boxing, and military life in general, there is a love story thrown in there, as usual. (I mean, seriously, can Hollywood make a movie nowadays where the guy doesn’t get the girl?) While being a man’s movie, you don’t suspect that at the end they’re going to hit you with a mooshy moment, but they do. Did that affect how I felt about the movie? No.

So what was the movie missing? Tom Cruise in an F-16 would have helped. No, really, some serious war-action would have been nice. A gun fight, or tanks, or something. Boxing just doesn’t cut it for me as “action”. While some people enjoy watching a good boxing match, or a good boxing movie, I’d rather see something more Black Hawk Downish.

Overall, the movie was better than I thought it would be. (Considering I had no desire to see this movie, and only saw it because none of the other Snobs wanted to see it either) Would I recommend you seeing it? That depends, did you like G.I. Jane, Cinderella Man or A Few Good Men? If you did, you’ll certainly like this movie. However, if you’re expecting the next big action adventure flick, you’ll be sadly let down.


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