Review written on: July 19th, 2012

ATM Review

I had high hopes for ATM.  It looked pretty promising from the trailer, and usually a good trailer is good enough to entice me into wanting to see something. So I fired up my Apple TV, and gave it a shot.  It’s nice that the Apple TV does these “before they’re available” films.  It’s too bad that I’m striking out in terms of having any of those be any good.

ATM is a rather simple story.  A “holiday” party at a company.  The normal guy (Brian Geraghty) sees the girl he likes (Alice Eve) whose last day at the company is today.  Enter the dumb friend (Josh Peck) who screws things up, and becomes the third wheel while normal give gives hot girl a ride home.  (Notice I’m not telling you their names, because honestly who cares.)

On the ride home, dumb friend asks normal guy to stop at an ATM so he can get cash. At 1am.

When they go to leave the ATM, there’s a guy standing in the parking lot with a parka on. Around 50 feet away. Just standing there.

Chaos ensues, and he starts tormenting them.

You’d think this would be awesome, right? I mean Phone Booth was kind of similar, and that was pretty epic.  But that had Colin Farrell, Keifer Sutherland, and Forest WhitakerATM does not.

Honestly, I was kind of bored with the whole thing.  You know how sometimes you watch a “scary” movie, and it’s really lame but there’s one or two parts where you jump?  Great. Now imagine that same scenario, but without any of the parts where you jump.  Super duper lame.

I’m trying to hard to love Alice Eve, I swear I am.  But it’s like she hasn’t done anything worth loving since She’s Out of My League.  Maybe it’s a bad agent, I don’t know.

In short, ATM is lame, and you shouldn’t bother watching it.  It’s dark, there’s no great dialog, there’s no great story, and there’s no real wrap-up.  All reasons to stay away from this borefest.


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