Bad News Bears
Review written on: October 18th, 2005

Bad News Bears Review

The combination of movie remakes, and Billy Bob Thornton didn’t sit well with me, when I first heard of this movie. And after my initial viewing of it, I found good reason. I’m not saying this movie should have never been remade, after all, Hollywood’s damn near out of ‘original’ ideas as it is. But if you’re gonna remake a ’70s classic like Bad News Bears at least pick someone who’s remotely as funny as Walter Matthau was in the role. Billy Bob Thornton was never on my top million list of actors. In fact, I can’t think of very many movies I’ve liked him in. So, seeing him reprise the role that was so hilarious to me, as a child, was dissappointing.

The original movie had so much more to it. And I believe it’s mostly in part due to Matthau’s performance. There’s something about that guy, just his face looks grumpy. He put forth a much more believable performance than Thornton did.

Overall, I felt bored watching this. Almost as if I knew what would happen, so why bother watching the rest of the movie? The performances weren’t that good, half the kids couldn’t act to save their lives, and the dialog felt like it was contrived from cue cards. I’m almost angry at myself for having seen this horrible excuse for a classic remake.

Save yourself the time, and effort of watching this. You’re not missing much, and will be glad you saved the price of admission.


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