Batman Begins
Review written on: June 29th, 2005

Batman Begins Review

This is absolutely, by far my favorite movie thus far of the year 2005. Generally, I’m not a fan of the “prequel” genre. But this movie took it to a new level. A new batman, beautifully played in both aspects by Christian Bale, who did a great job as both Bruce Wayne, and Batman. Generally when you hear people talk about Batman movies, they compare who’s the best Bruce and then who’s the best Batman. I think Bale took the cake in both categories. He did a bang up job in both areas.

The story line was great. It took everything you wanted to know about who he was, how he was taught, and why he did it, and explained it all. According to the Batfreaks, the story in this one stays truer to how his parents died, than the first Batman movie, which twisted the story from the comics, to fit their plot line. Watching Bruce evolve into what would eventually become Batman was cool. Seeing him learn and change, and grow was different. The first movie was sorta along the lines of “yep, he’s already Batman, deal with it,” and don’t explain much. Yea, they tell you how his parents died, and that he wanted to avenge them, but they don’t go into much more detail than that. This movie, they answered all the questions I had.

Action packed, a decent story, good acting, good script. Overall, the movie was great. I have no complaints about it, other than the few continuance issues I have with the way certain scenes were edited. But overall I definitely recommend that you go see this movie in the theater, right now. I’ve even suggested people here at the office leave work early and go see it as soon as possible. No one has come back and said they didn’t like it. It’s well worth the $10 bucks to see it in the theater. And this is one I’ll definitely be buying a copy of, once it’s out on DVD in the coming months.


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