Beauty Shop
Review written on: October 27th, 2005

Beauty Shop Review

I guess it would have been helpful to see Barbershop before seeing this movie. But I didn’t. Which, in my opinion, any movie that isn’t a direct sequel shouldn’t have the precursor that you see another movie first, to understand the humor.

Don’t get me wrong, it had it’s funny moments. Just not as many of them as I’d hoped or expected. I enjoy some of the work Queen Latifah does, and I find her funny from time to time. I just didn’t laugh as much as I imaged myself laughing at a movie of this caliber, and comedic style.

The cast did a decent job with their roles. And it was weird to see little Rudy Huxtable all grown up, portraying a gold-digga (as Kanye West would call her). There were some good “super-star” roles in the movie too, which I enjoyed. It’s nice to know Andie MacDowell is still alive, and that Mena Suvari can still get work. I thought Djimon Hounsou did a great job as Joe (the love interest), though I had to look him up and see that he was also in The Island before I recognized who he was.

Overall, the movie’s good for a few laughs, has a half way decent storyline, and wasn’t too disappointing. Definitely pick this DVD up one night if you want to have a few laughs with your friends, but also want a movie you can just put in, and not have to pay super close attention to.


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