Because I Said So
Review written on: February 3rd, 2007

Because I Said So Review

Two words: chick flick. It’s a simple formula, really. Cast Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore, Piper Perabo and Lauren Graham as mother and daughters. Throw in Tom Everett Scott as the mature, accomplished architect and Gabriel Macht as the hottie guitar player/teacher. Stir in some family drama, temper tantrums and several weddings and you have a bonafide chick flick. The good news is, I was in the mood for a chick flick.

Mandy Moore is Milly, the youngest (and only unmarried) daughter of Diane Keaton’s Daphne. Daphne has the awful habit as some mothers do of trying to guide her daughter’s every move. She goes a step too far when she places a personal ad for Milly without telling her. She slyly sets Milly up with Jason, a handsome architect, while trying to get rid of Johnny, a tattooed guitar player. The unaware Milly believes that luck has just come her way and starts dating the both of them. They seem to be complete opposites, and Milly starts to realize which one is right for her just before it all comes crashing down.

Of course, there’s a happy ending, as chick flicks always have. Tom Everett Scott is excellent at being slightly charming, yet really annoying all at the same time. Gabriel Macht is…well he’s a tattooed guitar player…what else can I say? At times Diane Keaton can seem extra-whiney and not just a little insane, but that’s the part she’s playing, and she does it well. I truly enjoy Mandy Moore as an actress, as much as I despised her when she started her singing career. She seems so real, almost as if this was written specifically for her. And I have to say, she may have the best hair in Hollywood. Piper Perabo is underused, as is Lauren Graham. Graham, however, is absolutely stunning in every scene. She positively glows with beauty.

The plot is only semi-cheesy, as far as chick flicks go. I was annoyed with a couple of random scenes that weren’t really useful. The thing I was most impressed with was the interaction between the four actresses. I’m the only daughter in my family, but I would like to think that’s how a family of a single mother and three daughters would interact.

Stephen Collins (Dad, from 7th Heaven) is barely in the movie, and is starting to look his age. Ty Panitz, who plays Lionel, is absolutely adorable. He’s my new favorite child star.

All in all, it was a fun Saturday afternoon at the movies. If you don’t have time to catch it, it wouldn’t be a shame to have to rent it. After all, there are no explosions or gunfights that need to be seen on the big screen. It’s just a simple, entertaining chick flick.


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