Review written on: November 18th, 2007

Beowulf Review

When 6th century Denmark is constantly attacked by a demonic monster named Grendel (voice of Crispin Glover), King Hrothgar (voice of Anthony Hopkins) is searching for someone who can rid the land of their problem. He gets the warrior of all warriors, the heroic Beowulf (voice of Ray Winstone)! When Beowulf disposes of Grendel, he has a couple more foes to take down, including the monster?s mother (voice of Angelina Jolie), who is seeking vengeance for her only child. Overall, it’s a heroic tale of glory, revenge, and the conflicts of human nature.

Considering that the identity of the person who wrote this ancient and epic poem has never been found, it’s amazing that the grand scale, full Hollywood treatment may be what will persuade the masses to take another glance at this work. Robert Zemeckis took the challenge and made an aesthetically pleasing, fantasy-action film, using a similar technology of that used in The Polar Express .

While I loved the portrayal of the story in general, what drove me crazy was the messiness of some of the accents, particularly those the villains. Crispin Glover’s was almost completely unintelligible and it was quite a task to decipher what he was saying. Angelina Jolie’s was a bit muddled, but she didn’t butcher it as she has done in other roles. Although I immensely enjoyed the film in general, I had to take off half of a star because of those accent issues. My apologies.

Be warned that there is plenty of nudity, sexual puns, and innuendoes that aren’t exactly appropriate for those under 13. As it were, I found it to be more pleasing from an adult perspective, anyway! I?m going to give it to you straight: this is one to shell out the bucks for!


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