Review written on: November 2nd, 2005

Bewitched Review

I understand that Bewitched is supposed to be a satire. I understand that it’s supposed to be light and fun. I understand that they are trying to bring back the “magic” of and old television series. But I just don’t understand how a script can be so bad! I will admit that parts of this movie were cute and parts even made me laugh. But for the most part I just kept waiting for the film to get better. But it doesn’t.

The storyline is about a struggling actor, Jack Wyatt, played by Will Ferrell, who needs to hit it big with a project to get himself back in the limelight. He decides to do a movie called Bewitched based on the famous TV series of old with the same title. He needs to cast a female co-star who won’t get more attention than himself, so Jack runs across Isabel Bigelow (maybe they should have had Deuce Bigelow instead!). Isabel (Nicole Kidman), who is really a witch struggling with real life and the use of her powers, takes the part. Jack finds out that the public still doesn’t like him and that they love Isabel. Thus comes conflict and uh….love.

I believe that with some good writing this movie might have been worth watching. Will Ferrell plays the only character he knows how to play in every one of his movies, while Kidman does a decent job of playing the dizzy, naive Isabel. I just felt like I was watching a bad Saturday Night Live skit instead of a major production. Then you add an over-acting Shirley MacLaine and a miscast Michael Caine to get the “why did they make this thing?” effect that I perceived. Maybe a movie that actually followed the same story-line as the “Bewitched” TV show would have worked, but who knows. I recommend that you make this movie “disappear” from your wanted list of DVD’s and send Will Ferrell away Kicking and Screaming.


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