Big Momma's House 2
Review written on: June 11th, 2006

Big Momma's House 2 Review

Now if you know me, or any of my other reviews, you know the first thing I’m going to ask is “why, oh why, oh why dear holy man would you ever let anyone make a sequel to Big Momma’s House?” Did it really need a sequel? Seriously? As if the first movie wasn’t bad enough.

Okay, all prejudice aside, was this movie that ba”>Broken Flowers. Given, that was much, much worse. But this sequel to the original suck-fest should have never been made.

Martin Lawerence hasn’t made a good movie since the Bad Boys movies going back to 2003 (and the original in 1995). We should be lucky that he only makes a movie once a year, or so. I guess when he runs out of money, he thinks “Hmm, what crap movie can I make now, that’ll bring me in some quick cash?” Given, I’ve never been a fan of his. I don’t think his stand up comedy’s funny. I never liked his TV show Martin, and other than the Bad Boys movies, I’ve never liked a single film of his. And judging by Big Momma’s House 2, I probably never will.

The rest of the cast delivers more comedy than the leading man, which is no big surprise for this type of movie. The combination of the three children (Kat Dennings, Chloe Moretz, and Preston & Trevor Shores) are great in their roles. The mom (Emily Procter) does her job in the flim, she’s a mom. The dad reminded me of the dad from Malcolm In The Middle, which didn’t impress me that much.

The story is so much weaker than the first film, which you may know was lacking seriously in the “I give a damn” department. This sequel lacks even more where you’d expect a sequel would need to be strong, to be successful. Though I enjoy Marisol Nichols as a bad-ass FBI agent (I’ve liked her since Vegas Vacation), I don’t think that having such an FBI-involved plot should be essential for a “kids” movie. I think nowadays too many films are trying to do that “we made this movie for kids, but parents will like it too”, ala Shrek, Monsters, Inc, etc. But unfortunately, too many films fail in their attempts

While I sat through this whole movie, the only thing I’m glad to have learned is that I’ll never, ever have to watch it again, in all my live-long days. Do yourself a favor, unless you find Martin Lawerence to be the funniest man alive, please, please skip this movie. Take my opinion for what it’s worth… twice the penny that Big Momma’s House 2 is worth.


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