Blade: Trinity
Review written on: September 7th, 2005

Blade: Trinity Review

Wesley Snipes. Killing vampires. Again. What could make this movie better? A super-hot actress, and a rock-solid chiseled actor. Enter Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds. I was skeptical at first. Let’s face it, the Blade series isn’t well known for being the best trilogy on the face of the earth, or anything. So, I didn’t go into watching this with the expectation of anything other than being entertained for a little while. Which it turned out, I was.

Wesley Snipes is great in his roles, but he plays no other character like he plays Blade. And that’s a fact. Yea, he kicks ass in other movies, and beats up people. But not like when he’s hunting vampires. Add hotties Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds to this equation, kicking equal ass, and you’ve got a movie. On top of those three, fighting the bad guys, introduce Dominic Purcell as the “lead” vampire. You’re thinking “why do I know that name?”, because you’ve watched Fox’s new (and kick-ass) show “Prison Break”, he plays Lincoln on the show, and one bad ass vampire in this movie. Between the four of them, you almost forget how annoying Parker Posey’s voice is,

The production of this movie lived right up to its two predecessors. Very Matrix-like. Explosions, gun-shots, karate sounds, people flying through the air, fighting. The cinemeatography is great on this film, as well as the two other Blade movies. All the camera movements are very smooth, and don’t feel rushed. You almost feel relaxed, while watching the movie, despite what’s going on, on screen.

If you’re a fan of action movies, I’d say this is the flick for you. Get yourself a good home theater system, fire it up, and pop this DVD in. Crank the volume till it hurts, and sit back and enjoy. This movie’s definitely worth getting yourself a copy.


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