Review written on: May 14th, 2005

Blow Review

This is the way movies should be made! I sat and watched this on a rainy Sunday afternoon, directly after watching Lost In Translation, and was so thrilled to see something so amazing. Johnny Depp is amazing in the role of George Jung, an up and coming drug dealer from the ’60s – ’80s. I’m a fan of most works that Johnny Depp’s done, he’s generally a genius in any role he’s in. And this is no exception. Depp puts on a brilliant performance in this role, and you really buy him as a drug dealer. Since the movie takes place over many years, the make up artists had to do a number on him, to make him age appropriately. And they did it well. When the movie first starts, George and his childhood friend, nicknamed Tuna (Suplee), move to California at the ripe age of eighteen, to try to start their lives over. They shortly realize, they have no money and no jobs. So they turn to Derek Foreal, played by Paul Reubens (best known for his Pee Wee Herman role). Foreal is a big-time local marijuana dealer, and says he can get them connected to the right people, which he does. Before long, George and Tuna are making more money than they know what to do with. So, they progress onto bigger and better things.

They begin smuggling drugs from California to Boston via commercial flights. Since George’s girlfriend Barbara was a flight attendant, this worked flawlessly. Until those flights weren’t enough. As time progresses, they get bigger and better into the drug world, selling cocaine, by the millions of dollars worth, getting involved with Columbian drug lords. Not once, does George ever realize he’s in way over his head. Until he gets busted, for the second time. For the second time, he skips bail and is a fugitive from the police, until he gets caught. The story progresses, and he eventually gets set up by the FBI and DEA, and ends up getting sentenced to 60 years in prison. That is where the movie ends. George is in prison, and scheduled to be released in 2015 (supposedly based on a true story, I cannot account for the truth to that). So, that’s the story, here’s more on what I thought of it:
As I said, Depp was amazing in his role, as was Ethan Suplee (who I loved in Mallrats, and American History X). Cruz, however, I can’t stand. Her accent drives me insane, I can hardly tell what she’s saying most of the time. Reminds me of Gerard Depardieu most of the time. Most men find her irresistible, but I find her downright annoying. Not just in this role, but pretty much anything she acts in. The rest of the cast does a great job too, while not standing out above and beyond Depp’s role, the minor characters play their parts excellently. Jordi Molla plays Diego, a cell mate of Jung’s, and partner in cocaine dealing. Miguel Sandoval (known for his role as the District Attorney, on “Medium”), plays Augusto, another small time drug dealer. Ray Liotta plays George’s father, and does a great job of it. Though anything I see Liotta in, all I can see is Good Fellas. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but the vision’s stuck in my head.

The story line of this movie, I only rated a 9, because, let’s face it, anyone can write a story about a drug dealer. But, in the same aspect, it got a 9, because of how well the story is told. It’s not just a story about a drug dealer. It’s the story of a man’s life. It’s the story of all the decisions the man makes in his life, and how he goes about doing things the way he does things. It’s like you’re part of his life, while you’re watching this movie. And you almost feel, at times, like yelling at the screen “why are you doing that?” But then you realize, it’s just a movie. The decisions that George makes as we progress through this movie, eventually lead to his demise, and we definitely see it coming. Should we feel sorry for George Jung? Probably not. Drug dealers are bad people, and deserve the punishment should they get caught. But after watching this movie, you almost feel bad for Depp’s character. As we watch the hardships he goes through, mainly because of the drug dealing, we realize that he’s just some guy, who fell into the wrong line of work. He dealt drugs, because that was the easiest way to make a living, and a pretty good one at that. Am I supporting drug dealers? No, not at all.

Would I recommend this movie? Absolutely. Especially if you like Good Fellas, Casino, or A Bronx Tale. Almost a perfect movie, to me. And definitely now ranked in my TopFive movies, starring Johnny Depp. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, go buy it at Amazon, or add it to your Netflix queue.


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