Review written on: August 25th, 2005

Boogeyman Review

Barry Watson is no longer just Matt Camden, wholesome older brother on squeeky clean family TV show 7th Heaven. He is a hero for all those adults who are still afraid of the dark. For all of us who believe in the monsters under the bed, vampires in the dark, and especially the boogeyman in the closet.

The movie starts with one of the scariest scenes in recent movie history. Not since Drew Barrymore’s infamous opening scene in Scream have I been so glued to the screen and on the edge of my seat. Young Tim is trying to fall asleep in his dark room when he gets scared by all the creepy, yet seemingly harmless things in his room. The Boogeyman is out to get him, but steals his dad instead.Years later, Tim returns to the house where he believes the Boogeyman took his dad. He rekindles an old friendship with the pretty girl next door and meets a very peculiar young lady who helps him understand his fears.

The end sequence is a mind-spinning free fall to the conclusion. I can’t give away the movie, but if you pay very close attention to the opening scene, the end scene is ten times better.

All in all this movie lived up to my expectations of it. Barry Watson was great as the guy with serious issues. The concept of the movie was great as well…the Boogeyman exists, and he’s not just after little kids.


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