Bride & Prejudice
Review written on: October 15th, 2005

Bride & Prejudice Review

Ok, first thing I want to do is make sure that you are aware that I am a 6’5″, 250 lb. stallion of a man married to a gorgeous young wife. With that said I can now tell you that I really liked Bride and Prejudice and, (shhhhhh) don’t tell anyone, it’s a musical. I know, I know, “Whats a big guy like you doing renting a musical?” I really didn’t know that it was a (shhhhhhhh) musical. All I knew about the movie was that it was a takeoff of Pride and Prejudice and that it took place in India. What I found was an incredibly colorful and visually stunning movie.

The story is mostly about a family in India and their mother’s desire to marry off her lovely daughters to wealthy Englishmen and Americans. Aishwarya Rai plays the leading role as Lalita Bashiki, one of the four eligible daughters in search of love. She has an eye on visiting American Will Darcy (Martin Henderson) who is very handsome and wealthy. Their relationship is constantly taking one step forward, then two steps back.Their love/hate romance travels across India, Europe and to the United States.

As I mentioned earlier, the colors in this movie are awesome. The costumes really made all the singing and dancing watchable. The beautiful country and buildings were breathtaking (did I just say “breathtaking?”) I actually did enjoy most of the singing and dancing although it did get quite corny at times and I felt like I was watching an Indian version of Grease. The worst of the corniness came when Lalita and Will were walking romantically on the beach and out of no where appears a huge robed Gospel choir singing about them. Then throw in lifeguards dancing around with bodyboards and you start wondering if David Hasselhoff will show up as he did in the Spongebob movie to provide a few laughs.

The characters in the film are very likeable and thanks to some good writing had some funny lines to deliver. Fans of the show “Lost” might recognize Naveen Andrews, who plays Will’s best friend, dancing around like M.C. Hammer.

Overall, if you can get past the corniness which musicals oftentimes have and enjoy the unique culture of the people of India I think you would find this worth renting.

Did I mention that this is a MUSICAL?


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