Review written on: June 17th, 2006

Cars Review

I have to admit, despite all the hype about Cars, I wasn’t very excited about the movie. It could have been because I wasn’t so thrilled with any of the main cast. Or the fact that it’s car racing. Or, that the trailers didn’t really excite me all that much. But, Pixar didn’t let me down.

Every Pixar movie just seems to get better and better. Even a movie about Nascar type racing gets the job done. While I wouldn’t be caught dead watching, or having anything to do with racing in real life, this great tale about Lightning McQueen makes you feel warm and tingly at heart.

Lightning (voiced by Owen Wilson) is a big time famous race car, according to his own words. After racing in the Piston Cup Championship race, he ends up in a three way tie with Chick Hicks (Michael Keaton), and The King (Richard Petty), he has to go to California to race in a tie-breaker in a week. On his trip to California, he gets a bit side-tracked, though not entirely his fault, he ends up in a small, run down town known as Radiator Springs.

In Radiator Springs, he learns all about how the town used to be a big deal back 40 years ago, before the interstate was around. He meets Sally (voiced by Bonnie Hunt), and she shows him that there’s more to life than being a famous race car. They spend time together, and Sally ends up changing Lightning for the better. He goes out of his way to start helping the other residents of Radiator Springs, who are voiced by an all-star cast (Voices include Paul Newman, George Carlin, Larry The Cable Guy, Cheech Marin, and Tony Shalhoub).

Though I wasn’t exactly excited to be going to see this movie, I’m absolutely glad I did. It reassured me that though Pixar is now owned by Disney, they haven’t compromised their ways of making feature animated films one bit. Cars is a win/win. If you’ve got kids, they’ll love this story. The characters. The plot. The dialog. They’ll love it all. If you’re an adult who likes Pixar’s previous films, you’ll fall in love with this movie instantly. Not just for the witty dialog, and amazingly voiced characters, but for the sheer beauty of the animation. There’s points in the movie where you have to stop and remember that you’re actually watching an animated movie.

There’s also guest spots galore. Guest roles include John Ratzenberger (who’s voiced at least one character in every movie Pixar’s done), Michael Keaton, Jeremy Piven, Bob Costas, Darrell Waltrip, Richard Kind, Edie McClurg, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jay Leno, Michael Schumacher, and Mario Andretti. Talk about knowing a guy who knows a guy who can get Jay Leno type of scenario.

If you’ve got a warm heart, or kids you want to show a good movie, this is definitely a flick you need to run out and see. Comedy, action, racing, star-studded voices, and a good time for all can be had. This is definitely something that’ll get added to our DVD collection once it comes out. Worth every penny, and thensome.


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