Review written on: October 8th, 2005

Cellular Review

When I first started seeing previews for this movie, I originally thought there was no way it would stay interesting for the length of the entire movie. But then I learned that Handsome Rob (Jason Statham) from The Italian Job was in it, and I changed my mind.

The story follows a kidnapped woman, played by Kim Basinger, who manages to call a random twenty-something on his fancy new cell phone. I know what you’re thinking…why not call the police? Or her husband? Because, the bad guys busted the phone to pieces. Lucky for her, she’s a high school science teacher and figured out how to tap the wires together to dial the phone, but she can’t choose what numbers to dial.

Ryan, the unsuspecting receiver of the call, goes above and beyond to try to save the woman and her family. While the expected cliches are used, low battery, lost signals, etc., the movie somehow keeps away from becoming a comedy.

Then again, with a bad guy like Jason Statham , I think I’d be terrified if he looked at me.

Anyway…the movie progresses and Ryan breaks laws and risks his life to save this woman. Of course, I can’t give away the ending, but I will say that it’s quite a ride to get there.

Chris Evans does an amazing job as the young Ryan, especially considering that he wasn’t on a real cell phone during filming. William H. Macy is fantastic, as he is in any role. Jason Statham , as I mentioned, is terrifying. The only letdown was Kim Basinger. On the DVD extras she (and other cast members) said she spent most of her time on the set alone and isolated in order to prepare for her role. While that may be true, there’s no urgency to her voice. No “I’m about to die, please save me.” It was more “I’m going to whisper to you in the hopes that it’ll make me seem desperate to live.”

Other than the disappointing performance by Basinger, I’d say the movie was excellent and is well worth the spot in your Netflix queue.


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