Chicken Little
Review written on: November 13th, 2005

Chicken Little Review

Chicken Little is an absolutely adorable movie. Zach Braff (of “Scrubs” fame) provides the voice for Disney’s cutest character since Boo in Monsters, Inc.. Poor Chicken Little is the laughingstock of the town since no one believes that it was a piece of sky, and not an acorn, that hit him on the head. One night a piece of sky falls into Chicken Little’s bedroom window, and he needs his friends to help him convince the town, and his father, that the sky really was falling, and now aliens are attacking.

Steve Zahn does the voice for Runt of the Litter, the skittish friend. Joan Cusack voices Abby the Ugly Duckling. And finally, Garry Marshall provides the voice for Chicken Little’s father Mr. Cluck. The all-star cast isn’t the only reason to see the movie, however. The story is well written, the animation is excellent, and most importantly, the screenplay is funny to both kids and adults.

I think Chicken Little is a must-see movie…although I’m a little biased because I think the character itself is so incredibly adorable.


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