Review written on: January 7th, 2009

Choke Review

Having just finished reading Palahniuk’s novel “Choke” a few weeks ago, I was excited to finally check out the flick. For those of you that don’t know, Chuck Palahniuk is the genius who penned “Fight Club”, and became an instant cult hero.

The novel “Choke” is pretty good, albeit a bit strange, but a good read overall.

The movie Choke was a drab representation of that novel. It felt like an hour and a half of nothingness. I couldn’t wait for it to end. And when it did, I was even angrier, because it didn’t end the same way as the book.

The only thing that the book and movie really have in common are the characters, their jobs, the sex addictions, and the choking. Other than that, there’s a lot left out of the movie. Which is disappointing.

Maybe it’s because the book’s so fresh in my mind that I’m disappointed with the movie. Though the fact that I had no expectations going into it should say something about my disappointment.

I watched Choke because I wanted to. And that’s it. I can’t, however, recommend you do the same. The book was pretty good, the movie is not. If you’re a big Fight Club fan, you’re not going to like Choke, I can guarantee it.


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