Christmas with the Kranks
Review written on: December 19th, 2005

Christmas with the Kranks Review

Bah Humbug! I really wanted to like Christmas with the Kranks because I enjoy the actors and was hoping for another Christmas Classic to purchase and sit down with family every year and watch. But this film just lacks things, alot of things actually, and some things I just can’t even figure out.

With this cast of likeable actors and actresses I thought for sure I was in for a treat. How can you not like the combination of Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dan Aykroyd and Cheech Marin? I’ve laughed at them all on many occasions. And based on John Grisham’s novel Skipping Christmas? Wow! Can’t go wrong! Boy was I wrong. Although the movie did have a few good moments, I was really disappointed. Oh, I laughed when Jamie and Tim were at the tanner in dinky swimsuits and had to run into the lobby, only to find the local priest and neighbors standing there looking at them. Yes, I laughed when Tim’s character had too much Botox and his face was all swollen, making it hard for him to talk and eat. But the laughs were few and far between. It became painfully slow as you waited for something else to chuckle about, or to get a good Christmasy feeling about.

The story in Christmas with the Kranks is about Nora and Luther Krank and how important celebrating Christmas is to them each year, except THIS year. The couple decides to skip Christmas altogether and spend the money on a cruise. Their daughter has left the house to work for the Peace Corp in Peru, so why not? The trick is that they live in a very (WAY TOO) close knit neighborhood where everyone has a huge problem with this “Christmas skipping” idea. They constantly give the Kranks a hard time about it. I guess this is what really annoys me about this movie, is that the neighborhood can treat people like this. I know there are really neighborhoods just like this that pride themselves in great sense of community. But if I don’t want to celebrate a holiday or do want to, it shouldn’t be any of their business. And the Kranks let it bother them SO MUCH that…..well…I better not tell the whole story, in case you still want to rent it.

As I have said, there is just something missing in this movie and I’m not totally sure what it is (other than enough things to make people entertained and keep them laughing). I did learn three things though:

1) Don’t skip Christmas
2) Don’t let other people control your life
3) Don’t rent this movie unless you are snowed in and your sattelite dish is broken


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