Review written on: May 8th, 2005

Closer Review

Any movie that has British people in it, is great. I love British people. And two British guys that kick ass are Clive Owen, and Jude Law. What’s more? British people and Julia Roberts, and Natalie Portman using the word “fuck” excessively.

Though after watching the movie for the first time, I sat and thought about it for a good half an hour, and all I kept thinking was “Was there a point to this movie?”, and I’m convinced that there wasn’t. What’s the storyline? Dan meets Alice, Dan sleeps with Alice. Dan meets Anna, Dan likes Anna. Anna meets Larry, Larry sleeps with Anna. Dan sleeps with Anna, Dan sleeps with Alice. Larry sleeps with Alice.. Anyway, you get the picture. They all have sex with each other, minus the girls with the girls, or the guys with the guys. So, to me, it was just a big slam-fest, with a whole bunch of profanity in it. Which to me, was a saving point.

So I kept thinking about whether or not I liked this movie, and I concluded that I needed to watch it a few more times before I could decide. Though I haven’t decided I want to put myself through that, just yet. Would I recommend this movie? I’m not sure just yet, I still don’t know if I even liked it.

I definitely didn’t hate it though. I guess I’ll just leave it with, see it for yourself, you decide. Then tell us what you think in the comments.


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