Review written on: August 29th, 2005

Cursed Review

Werewolves in Los Angeles. That’s about the summary of Cursed. Other summaries include information about an estranged brother and sister and drama between the sister and her boyfriend and blah blah blah. But basically this movie is about werewolves and scaring the audience.

Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson have been scaring teenagers since I was barely old enough to be allowed to watch Dawson’s Creek. They have perfected their art. The first scary scene in the movie is simply well-made, edge-of-your-seat scariness.

The movie continues through while Christina Ricci attempts to convince herself she’s not a werewolf, and her brother learns all the folklore about their condition. Occasional werewolf attacks and the typical Wes Craven creepy camera work keep up the suspense until the end. The big revealing of who the werewolf is provides a nice little bow on the horror film package.

Is this in my list of favorite horror movies? Most definitely not. Was it worth the hour and a half to watch it? Totally. Get it on Netflix now.


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