Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
Review written on: September 3rd, 2005

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo Review

It seems like you have to be Phil Hartman, Adam Sandler, or Bill Murray to leave Saturday Night Live and have a successful film career. Many thanks to Rob Schneider, for once again proving this theory. As if Deuce Bigalow wasn’t bad enough, someone (Adam Sandler) let Schneider make a sequel. Just what the world needed. Another barely tolerable b-rate flick, with less than a handful of laughs.

Sure, there were a few parts that I laughed out loud at. But, for the most part, they were at bit characters, not the main cast. For example, the woman who gets hit in the face with the shoe, while saying “I love America”; the Canadian kid pissing on the wreckage of a car accident; and some of the various “man-whore” characters throughout the movie had a few good one-liners.

Though it seems that when you have a weak script, and weak cast acting out said script, it’s tough to make a hit movie. Thinking back on it, I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed at Rob Schneider doing anything outside of a skit on SNL. Rather sad, at least in my eyes. I just don’t see him as funny. Call it a lack of a sense of humor, call it being picky. I just call it a lack of comedy.

Eddie Griffin is funny, at times. Other times, he’s just annoying. I’m not sure if it’s his voice, or the tacky lines they make him deliver. I can only hope that the script was set in stone, prior to the writers giving it to Griffin, and that these aren’t his own lines. I’ve seen him do stand up before, and he’s funny as hell. I don’t think he’d write some of the crap that this movie entailed.

With characters named Gaspar, Heinz Hummer, Rodrigo, Gian-Carlo, and Assapopoulos, this movie was set up for failure, right from the get go. And oddly enough, didn’t dissappoint. I can only wish at times like these, that I had three thumbs. If I did, I could gesture downward with all three of them simultaneously, in the general direction of this movie.

Stay away from it. Far, far away from it. It’s not worth the price of the parking meter you’d need to feed fifty cents to, let alone the price of admission. Run, run away from this poorly made, horribly written, crap-fest of a sequel to a movie that should have never been made in the first place.


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