Review written on: October 15th, 2005

Domino Review

The life of a bounty hunter is not what this movie is really about. The movie is about Keira Knightley’s star power. All her previous roles either have her playing a secondary part, or as a co-star. She blows it all away in this film, in which she plays the title character Domino Harvey the bounty hunter. Knightley is fascinating to watch, as she transforms from rebellious teenager to badass bounty hunter.

The movie is based on a true story, sort of…as the previews say. Domino Harvey was a bounty hunter. Past that, we’re not sure what was real and what was movie storytelling. Knightley falls into the Domino character completely, and at times you forget you’re watching the girl who once played Queen Amidala’s body decoy in the first Star Wars prequel. Mickey Rourke plays Ed Moseby, a character based on a real-life bounty hunter. Edgar Ramirez rounds out the trio as Choco, the crazy, Spanish-speaking bounty hunter. Filling out the cast is Delroy Lindo as a shady bail bondsman, Lucy Liu as a neurotic FBI psychiatrist, and Christopher Walken being as creepy as usual, but this time as a reality television producer (is there anything scarier?).

While some might be disappointed by the lack of constant explosions and gunfire, there are enough massive, fiery explosions and enough Tarantino-esque gun stand-offs to keep most movie-goers happy. Also an item that could disappoint or annoy is the lengthy opening credits. Although rather long, the credits are cleverly done, and highlight the starring actors quite nicely.

Overall, I think the story was interesting, but did tend to drag on at times. The filming was very Tarantino-ish in its non-linear start of the film, and also in the way some of the scenes were shot. Interesting to note: Brian Austin Green and Ian Ziering of 90210 fame play themselves in this movie. Also interesting to note is that Domino repeatedly makes comments about hating that show. I think the highlight of the film was definitely Keira Knightley’s performance. Although I wasn’t a fan of hers previous to seeing this movie, I will be now.


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